Are links worth measuring ?

Absolutely!!! Inbound links are directly related with how well your dealership's website is ranking. Take a look at the analytics of your website and look for Organic Search visits. This shows how many visitors are reaching your website every month because of your sites top ten ranking on search engines.

Take a deeper look into the organic search results and pinpoint what keywords users are searching for to reach your website. Ninety percent of all dealer websites I have seen share one common attribute. The top ten keywords that are driving traffic is the dealerships name or a variation of the brand name.

There is a huge opportunity here for dealers. Thousands of people are searching Google for keywords like "City + Make + Dealer" and many more like this. The only way to grab a share of this market is by investing in Automotive SEO with a strong link building strategy.

One of the pillars of Search Engine Optimization is attracting relevant links from strong website. Dealers need hundreds if not thousands of links every month from excellent sources. Historically this has been a problem for dealers who have not felt the need to invest in Auto SEO.

Most Automotive SEO service providers do not have a systematic way to generate hundreds of links every month. Its impossible to compete for "money" keywords without investing in link building every month.

My advice to dealers seeking to purchase an offsite link building service is to ask one question.

Is Google Webmasters Tools registering the links every month?

If the answer is no or it is not verifiable seek another Automotive SEO vendor.