Toyota of Seattle

Toyota of Seattle is a different dealer. As soon as you visit their franchise site it hits you. How many dealerships in Seattle do you know have a website that highlights client testimonials openly !

They are one of a handful of dealers that are so confident on their customer service that they add the Facebook social plugin in the middle of their homepage !

Most dealers would think this is a time bomb. Not Toyota of Seattle. Anyone with a Facebook account can add their testimonial on the spot.Talk about transparency.

Im proud to share my newsletter with members of the sales team at Toyota of Seattle. Continue to expect BIG success from this store.

The Toyota of Seattle Story 

As a family-owned business since 1991, we're honored to give back to the Seattle community that has supported our growth. We're in the people business, so our sponsorships and donations benefit people of all ages - from Seattle Schools that educate our future work force, to Senior Services that cares for people in their golden years. Each year, we collect food and funds to feed hungry people in the Puget Sound region. We continue to devote a major part of our philanthropic budget to the uncompensated care program at Harborview Medical Center.

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