Automotive SEO Monthly Package

Automotive Internet Marketing specialists, the Pasch Consulting Group (PCG), announce the launch of a new comprehensive Internet Marketing package priced at $995 per month. The new offering will provide car dealers with customized online marketing solutions that will include microsites, content development, blogging, social media, internet reputation management and Adwords strategies. All of the services are executed on a monthly basis with the convenience of a predictable monthly budget.

automotive seo for dealersThe services delivered in PCG’s monthly package are configured based on the dealer’s current marketing strategies and vendor relationships. The Pasch Consulting Group package can work with any car dealer platform or existing service provider.

Automotive social media platforms and online automotive portals have grown in popularity as the majority of consumers begin their car research online. By 2010, Generation Y will outnumber baby-boomers and become one of the most important consumer targets. 96% of Generation Y have already joined social networks.

Dealers looking to leverage blogging, social media, Automotive SEO and Internet Reputation Management networks can be overwhelmed with the amount of time and work needed to make an impact online. Hiring a full time employee who can effectively manage these tasks would require a minimum $50K per year salary.

With the new PCG package, dealers can saturate their local and statewide online marketing efforts for under $12K per year. PCG’s new program includes a comprehensive approach to state-of-the-art Automotive SEO, blogging, online press releases, Internet Reputation Management, and social media networking.

PCG founder and CEO Brian Pasch saw a need for this type of fee-based package in the Automotive community. According to Pasch, “I hear the frustration of dealers at conferences who share stories about just how hard it can be to find the right person, or that the person that was designated for Online Marketing was pulled off to work on other projects. With this package, dealers can leverage the Automotive Internet Marketing expertise that PCG is known for and free up other employees to focus on what they do best.”

Pasch also points out that Internet Marketing has no one-size-fits-all option. Those not specifically experienced in the world of Automotive SEO may have a harder time understanding the best practices for the industry. “It’s another gamble that dealers don’t have to take. PCG has proven success in Automotive SEO that a typical Internet Marketing Agency cannot immediately claim.”

Auto dealers who would like to learn more about the new Internet Marketing and Social Media program can contact Elvis Arias at 732-982-4848.

About Brian Pasch and the Pasch Consulting Group

Brian Pasch is an 18 year veteran of the direct marketing industry and a noted expert in the field of Automotive SEO and Internet marketing. His career has spanned both management and technology roles. He continues to lead research into Digital Marketing and Social Media platforms. PCG continually tests new digital marketing strategies which can provide a cost effective channels for business advertising and lead generation.

PCG works for and with an ever-growing number of auto dealers and dealer groups from all over the country to maximize results of their digital marketing efforts.