Automotive SEO - Geo Targeting

Griffith Motors has selected the Pasch Consulting Group (PCG) to create two new microsites for enhanced automotive Internet marketing and Automotive SEO. The new strategy will also include brand specific and geo-targeted Press Releases on the Internet.

The new microsites can be found at and

PCG has pioneered the use of microsites for automotive Internet marketing and first party lead generation. The two dedicated wordpress microsites for Griffith Motors will be utilized as lead generators. The PCG microsites use content based SEO strategies that deliver powerful search rankings results. The building of the automotive microsite is a strategy that has worked well for PCG and many of their clients. Many PCG wordpress microsites hold the #1 listing on Google for their respective search phrases.

The Pasch Consulting Group recommends a round robin approach for successful automotive marketing. “We don’t advise our dealers to ditch their current media plans,” says Brian Pasch, CEO, “we help them add a healthy dose of Internet marketing into their mix. A comprehensive approach combining several media vehicles can help saturate a dealer’s target audience more effectively.”

Recent reports suggest that consumers, an estimated 85%, are now turning to the Internet to make purchases, small and large. “It would be difficult for businesses to succeed without a clear message on the Internet to their target audience. If their business is not on the Internet, they are passively giving up a number of sales to their competitors,” says Pasch.

We work with all major OEM car dealerships across the USA and we do not compete with our own clients. We work with our clients to create a dominant position on local search results and will not take a competing same OEM dealership location on as a client.

To learn more about Wordpress microsites and Automotive SEO contact Elvis Arias, Automotive Microsite Designer, by sending me an email to setup a web demonstration and conference call to show you how we can help your car dealership by reviewing your current website and by targeting certain segments of your dealership business.

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