The Pillars of Automotive SEO

Content development and fully compliant link building are the pillars of any Automotive Internet Marketing initiative. Without them a dealership website will be invisible on Google and other search engines for relevant keyword searches. If you are an Internet Sales Manger (ISM) or owner responsible for the Automotive SEO strategy of your dealership make sure content and link building is on the top of your to-do list or hire a professional to do it for you.

Content Development

One of the most overlooked areas of website design is content development. If your website lacks dozens of articles on the goods and services you offer, you are unlikely to develop "respect" from the search engines. Through good content you can embed and link important key search phrases about your business in your web pages and improve your search engine rankings.

We are experts at writing additional content for your website that will help you reach the coveted Google Page One results. Every website needs fresh content and updates for the search engine to consider your website viable. Often dealership owners and ISM's are too busy selling cars to update their own websites so they grow stale and ineffective. Let us take the burden of content creation off your plate and improve your search engine rankings.

If you are interested in blogging and social networking, give us a call to discuss how these tools can attract more direct consumer leads.

Link Development
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Every website needs inbound links; links from other websites that point to your website. These inbound links help improve your search engine rankings. We can create a plan for creating inbounds links for your site as well and using existing networking opportunities to get your site covered in blogs, e-zines and quality business directories.

Link Building is the very foundation of Automotive SEO. Even if your website has terrific content, impressive graphics, and the latest shopping cart, it won't get any traffic without relevant one way backlinks. Getting these links can be a very arduous, labor intense and difficult task.

Because of this, many link schemes have evolved on the Internet. Webmasters and ISM's that participate in these black hat schemes are breaking the webmaster guidelines established by Google and exposing themselves to the risk of a penalty or delisting of their site. If you don't mind having your website removed from Google and other search engines, then feel free to cut corners.

If you intend to have a successful and long term Automotive SEO system in place, you need to follow and apply the guidelines established by Google or find a professional to do it for you. Time to get started, call Elvis Arias today for a free consultation 732-982-4848 Google+