Internal Linking for Automotive SEO

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By far one of the easiest ways to stop your website from ranking well on the search engines is to make it difficult for Google and other search engines to find their way through it. Many car dealer websites use some form of script to enable fancy drop-down navigation, etc. Many of these scripts cannot be crawled by the Google bot resulting in unindexed pages.

While many of these effects add visual appeal to a dealership website, if you are using scripts or some other form of navigation that will hinder the indexing of your website it is important to add text links to the bottom of at least your homepage linking to all you main internal pages including a sitemap to your internal pages (next topic).

The internal linking structure can:
  1. Insure that your website gets properly spidered and that all pages are found by the search engines
  2. Build the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase
  3. Increase the PageRank of an internal page
Insuring that every page of your website gets found by the search engine spiders is probably the simplest Automotive SEO tactic you can implement to increase your rankings. Not only will this increase the number of pages that a search engine credits your site with, but it also increases the number of phrases that your website has the potential to rank for.

Bottom line, don't fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to internal linking, you'll be surprised how well your website will rank after a proper internal linking implementation.

If you need help or advice doing this , shoot me an email and let a professional link builder review your dealership website's internal link structure. Google+