Prepare for the FriendFeed LandRush

friendfeed seo
Organic search results across all industries are welcoming the new kid in town. The latest Google update dubbed "Caffeine" has set the stage for the FriendFeed land rush and SEO professionals need to put the pedal to the metal and reserve their optimized handle.

FriendFeed ranks much higher in the new Google update than Twitter or Facebook. It seems that the Google has seen a burst of activity on FriendFeed and thus pushes up that result. Results don't lie I welcome you to search any competitive keyword phrase and you'll see what I'm talking about. The Automotive SEO FriendFeed account I created 2 months ago is already on Google Page 4. What I find particularly impressive is the fact that I haven't really done much link building wise to merit the placement, besides acting fast :) of course. The potential is definitely there so any Internet Sales Manager out there shouldn't fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to FriendFeed.

Word of advice. Be sure to pick an optimal handle that’s relevant to your dealership and easy to remember. Your handle (also known as your Username) then becomes part of your customized FriendFeed URL such as Doing this creates a static address for future search indexing, which also helps usability for other cross-channel promotions. Choose wisely! Google+