Automotive Advertising Network

Automotive Advertising Network
The premise behind the CarPort App™, created by PCG Digital Marketing, is a simple one: Give car dealers a tool that will allow their "live" car inventory to be tastefully published alongside their online marketing content, blogs, social media activities and educational articles. Provide a strategy that compliments their SEO and social media strategies and drive more leads into their sales department.

The CarPort App™ enables "live" selectable inventory to be added to all of your social media portals with listings that never go stale. Every visit to the page refreshes your inventory listing with the newest information in your inventory feed.

Automotive Advertising Network

The Automotive Advertising Network utilizes the power of local and regional search optimized automotive web sites, managed by PCG Digital Marketing, which can advertise your car inventory to drive clicks to car detail pages.

Your cars are listed without competitors ads, distracting Adsense advertising and clutter.

The CarPort App™ delivers unlimited publishing; use it on as many websites as you like. In addition to posting cars on your blogs and social media websites outside your primary dealer site, using the CarPort App™ has other advantages. It leverages your existing inventory in new ways without any significant work.

Dealers also have the added benefit of leveraged advertising on our National car sales website located at Dealers utilizing the CarPort App™ join a growing community of dealerships on PCG's Automotive Advertising Network (AAN); a new model to create more first party and secondary source leads.

Please note that there are some restrictions on what dealers can be included into the PCG Automotive Advertising Network. Our goal is to create special opportunities in each market for forward thinking dealers to leverage our digital marketing strategies. In some markets this can result in new car franchises having first claim to a marketing region for their new and used cars. The key here is that new car dealers can have a strategic placement for their cars in our network and not their closest competitors.

Special Offer: Dealer can get a FREE Month of CarPort App™ by calling Elvis Arias directly at 732-982-4848. Google+