Automotive Digital Marketing

Tremendous piece of advice from Automotive SEO expert Brian Pasch of PCG Digital Marketing showing how it is not uncommon for dealers to react with fear when suggested they increase their overall advertising budget dedicated to digital marketing from less than 15% to 30-50% over the upcoming year.

Their reaction is normally followed by: “What will I have to cut in order to spend more on digital marketing? My General Managers will freak out if I reduce their traditional advertising budget!”

Dealership executives falling asleep at the wheel when it comes to automotive digital marketing are making life that much easier for their competitors ranking highly for relevant searches on Google. The numbers don't lie, month by month buyers are looking for information online from local dealers. Those who appear highly ranked on Google are being rewarded month by month, does who are not are probably having a difficult time reaching their monthly sales objectives.

The solution is simple, allocate more of the marketing budget towards digital marketing. The playing field is changing rapidly throughout the multitude of marketing channels. Brian Pasch's forecast is right on the money by explaining how "traditional media is difficult to measure true ROI, advertising agencies have had a free pass to continue dealer spending without fear of losing budget share but that is now changing. Dealers are now developing models to hold all methods of advertising to a standard cost/reward model. The agencies that can’t provide a fully integrated menu of traditional and digital marketing services will perish." Google+