Image SEO - Miami Honda Dealer

miami honda
Internet Sales Manager at car dealers face tremendous competition for the top spots on Google Page One for relevant keyword search results. Your fight will be a lot easier if you start optimizing your images and take advantage of the freebies Google give you on Page One. Take a look at the above photo. The search for make + model + city is a typical one by users and obviously important for car dealers in the area. As you can see in our "honda civic miami" search example , Google provides Page ONE image results which are very likely to get clicked on by users, especially by people looking for the visual appeal when purchasing a car.

If you are Miami Honda dealer wouldn't it make sense business-wise to have your ISM or Automotive SEO service provider optimize your images that will give you an extra spot on Page ONE versus the competition ? However none of the Miami area Honda dealers are currently represented in the organic search example above.

Enough said, I'll make your life easier by providing some helpful do it yourself tips for Automotive Image SEO, if you need some help you can always ask :)
  • large size image with good aspect ratios The image size should be at least 250-300 pixel.
  • Add descriptive caption and alternative text
  • positioning near title helps associate image with the subject matter
  • make your images non-clickable
  • Stick to JPEG images try to avoid PMG
  • Limit the number of images per page
I'd be interested to know your experience optimizing images and if serps is reflecting the changes in your region. I'll open up the comments on this post to start the discussion. Google+