Some More SEO Myths Dispelled

Had a few dealers right back requesting an elaboration on the following two automotive seo myths...

Posting links in hundreds forums and blog comments will help me rank

This actually used to work, but not for long. Search engines are very clever, assume they're smarter than all of us, before throwing up spammy links. Search engines use several methods to filter out these kinds of links.

First, they ignore most of the votes from links that are marked ‘nofollow’. Don’t worry about the technical specifics of this – just realize that most blogs and forums automatically mark links ‘nofollow’.

Second, they check the location of links on the page. If links are down in the comments or among dozens of other links, guess what? They pass very little authority to your site.

Third, they check the value of the site on which you get the link. The better sites are pretty good at filtering out link spammers.

I can hide content on the page for better rankings

You can try. A lot of folks will try to put keyword-rich text in hidden DIVs or in the same color as the background, hoping search engines will find it and attribute it to their relevance. Actually the opposite is true: Search engines look for these tricks and ban sites for using them.

If you have any more seo myths you'd like for me to tackle shoot me an email.