I Sell Cars ! Why Invest in Copywriting?

Why in the world should I allocate my advertising dollars in copywriting? I still get this question a lot from dealers. Some understand they need Google Page One visibility for their dealership but yet fail to accept the need of professional writing with an SEO flair. If you want to rank well the most important aspect is the quality of content. Especially in competitive markets original content that is engaging on your blogs/press releases and website is paramount.

If you have a $600 marketing budget, set up a WordPress microsite and spend all of your money on professional copywriting. If you have a $60,000 marketing budget, skimp on everything except copy.

Copywriting should be the last thing you cut from any marketing budget. Its a very simple equation...Great copy = a great page. No matter how great your design is it can't save bad copy. Great writing, on the other hand, can make a plain page as compelling as a Monet and can help you rank high for relevant keyword searches. That brings up another idea. Your copywriter should have experience writing for dealers and needs to know the essentials of automotive seo.

Hera are a number of helpful tips to improve your dealerships content strategy:
  • Craft a great headline first.
  • Write the copy. Start with the long sales letter.
  • Your first paragraph should never be more than 30 words.
  • Remove everything that isn’t 100% essential.
  • Always start the page with copy that scans well: Use bullets, subheads and imagery to break up the page.
  • Make your point right away. The old ‘funnel method’ doesn’t work online, under any circumstances.
  • Set out to inform, not persuade. What are the best features of the model your writing about
  • Always get someone else to read your work. They don’t have to be writers.
At a minimum your content strategy is one of the pillars automotive seo, in my opinion it is the most important. Google+