Reserve and Protect Your Key Asset

My first tip in auto seo is always the same. Reserve your domains for as long as possible. Google definitely looks at the length of time you’ve reserved a domain. Most Automotive seo strategist,including me, suspect it’s an indicator of ‘trust’. If you’ve reserved a domain for 10 years, it stands to reason you’re creating a site for the long haul, and therefore should be a little more trustworthy.

I can’t tell you exactly how important it is. But domain registration is so cheap that it should be considered a top priority for all dealerships. There’s no sense in reserving a domain for 1 or 3 years when the most expensive registrar will charge you $40/year for a typical .com domain.

While your at it !

Purchase all the domain extensions of your most important asset. Your Brand name !!! Dealers are falling asleep at the wheel in this area. I'd say 90 percent of dealers I talk to do not own a domain extension besides the .com

Top two reasons why you should purchase all domain extensions related to your brand name:
  1. Competitors may purchase the domains and sneak into page one for searches on your brand name !
  2. Third party lead resellers are currently on Google page one for searches on your brand name. They'll sell you and your competitors these leads
For example, if you represent an Audi dealership in Miami that's called "Audi of Miami" you need to ensure you own the following domain extensions:
This hypothetical Audi store in Miami can figure out different ways to utilize these domains later. I'll post some ideas afterward, in the meantime stop reading and start buying those domains ! Google+