Automotive SEO

An Unconventional Approach that Works

As an independent Automotive SEO service provider I know firsthand how difficult it is to consistently rank high in search engines in a competitive market. Professionals involved in providing search engine optimization services know that competing for "SEO" search phrases is as hard as it gets.

Having my personal blog naturally rank high is a testament that quality will trump quantity any day of the week. I'm sorry but you don't need a million dollar dealer SEO company to rank your franchise website high in search.

What dealerships need in internet marketing is a proven and simple approach that attracts potential car buyers to a website and after a sales process, to the store. Relevant website traffic is necessary to increase what ISM's love. Leads.

It all begins or ends with the analysis of local market search trends. Big SEO companies follow a cookie cutter template to determine the target search phrases for each store. This is the wrong way to approach any business endeavor particularly in automotive where the competition is fierce.

Small is Good

Many well established Automotive SEO companies have trouble proving their strategy works. The reason, unfortunately for dealers, is that these companies stopped doing SEO and focused on running corporate operations. This is the main reason why talented strategists are having a difficult time showing tangible results. They sold out classic SEO for marketing themselves vs. spending time client's search objectives. 

Say Goodbye to Templates

Have you ever researched the Automotive content your SEO company is writing for you? Copy the first few sentences of a PR or blog post they "write" and paste it into Google. Chances are you will find many exact matches. 

Unfortunately, car dealer SEO copywriters in these large organizations are instructed to spin the same content and simply change the dealership name. If you're lucky they will internally ask themselves why Google isn't ranking their work. 

In an age of authorship the churning of exact match content is very dangerous for any website, more so to businesses that depend on their website for leads.

Bottom Line

  • One well researched and strategic press release each month beats publishing 5 pieces on an automotive content syndication tool that hundreds of other dealers use. The age old question of Quality vs. Quantity continues to prove itself right.
  • A handful of high quality links helps your website rank consistently higher vs. thousands upon thousands of links from the same source that only send the wrong signals to Google. Avoid yourself the embarrassment of approaching the dealer principal with the bad news that Google penalized your website for link churning and de-indexed the site until further notice.
Contact me if you need an Automotive SEO consultant that oversees every detail of production while ensuring quality and tangible results every month.