Pay per Rank

Whats the point of paying an Automotive SEO company a monthly fee of at least $800 for unsubstantiated results??? 

I shake my head every time a dealer tells me how many thousands upon thousands of dollars "invested" on Automotive SEO service providers that can not prove HOW their own work is driving traffic and increasing leads.

I created Pay per Rank for dealers who have grown tired of waiting for results and hearing excuses.

Pay per Rank is a product designed for practical dealers who want to Pay for Results. For a fixed yearly fee your dealership will rank on Google Page ONE for "money" keywords.

Let us know if you have a clear objective regarding keyword selection. If not, we can help you develop optimal search phrases based on the nature of your business and local market search trends.

Pricing for Google Page One Results:

The pricing of Pay per Rank is very simple. You pay a fixed yearly fee between $100 and $200 per search phrase. Payment is due upfront, however, time is calculated as soon as the search objective is reached, which is usually 20 to 50 days.

In search engine optimization, it is easier to rank for search phrases with more words. Our pricing structure considers these factors to ensure a fair and competitive rate. Sample pricing as follows.

Model Specific Keywords:

4 word rank: "2012 Honda Civic Dallas" $100
3 word rank: "Honda Civic Dallas" $200
2 word rank: "Honda Dallas" - pricing available upon request