Automotive SEO Tune-Up is Perfect for Dealers in Need of a One Time Fix.

Dealer website providers do a poor job optimizing content for search engine visibility or the meta tags of a website were not planned correctly according to the business needs of the dealership.

If you manage the internet marketing department at your store ask yourself the following questions:
  • Has your dealer website provider added meta-tags strategically throughout your website? Most pages on your site should have a "search purpose".  If you want high ranking for competitive search phrases, your money keywords should be matched with appropriate content rich pages.
  • Does your franchise website have model specific pages WITH content ? If so, are these pages ranking on Google for long tail search phrases?  Are you visible on Google page one when searching MAKE + MODEL + CITY ? If not, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to drive relevant traffic to your store.
  • Do you invest in monthly link building for your dealeship website ? Its impossible to rank consistently high in search engines without investing in quality link building monthly.
  • A few technical questions every dealer SEO company should answer: Is Google and Bing webmasters tools installed ? Are sitemaps working properly ? Is the Page Speed and site performance optimal? Any crawl errors registered and fixed ?
  • What is the content marketing strategy for your dealership ? This is a major hole for 90% of dealers I talk too. Dealers simply don't have a content development process. The few dealers who invest every month in content are dominating local search and thus, attracting most of the supply of leads available every month.
This is a limited list of Automotive SEO issues my team helps dealers resolve every month. Most are one time jobs that can substantially improve the website visibility on search engines. If you have trouble answering any of the questions above or need help optimizing your dealership website. Call me direct 201-688-7170